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The Birth of Mallory Made Essentials, LLC

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on your conventional bar of "soap"? If so, you probably stopped reading it after looking at a few words because 90% of the words are either foreign, too long, or you simply can't pronounce them. In fact, if you look at many of the products on the shelves, the vast majority of them aren't even labeled as 'soap'. They may be called beauty bars, moisturizing bars, or body bars, but not soap. That's because they're detergents! That's right, we've been bathing with DETERGENTS! We've been bamboozled!!! These same detergents are packed with synthetic lathering agents, and harsh chemicals that likely leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and itchy. 

Fun fact: Commercial soap manufacturers remove glycerin from soap. Glycerine is produced during the saponification (soap-making) process. Glycerin is a valuable resource, and commercial companies often sell it to other companies to make lotions. After using the harsh chemicals in their beauty bars, your skin desperately needs this. Do you see the cycle?! Madness! 

Always remember that your skin is porous and absorbent. That means what you put on your skin is what you're putting into your body. When you continue applying chemicals onto your body, toxins will build up and inevitably cause illness. Our skin is the largest organ we have. Why not protect and love it!? 

So, I'm all about helping people out. I want to share a helpful resource I found. I came across this app called Think Dirty. The Think Dirty app allows you to scan the bar code of bath and body products to determine levels of toxicity, cancer-causing agents, etc. I scanned a few of my bath products, and they rated high levels of cancer-causing agents. I was shocked! After I discovered what was actually in the products I was using, I immediately threw them away. Then, I was on a scanning frenzy! I literally scanned all of my lotions, soaps, body scrubs, body butters, hair products, dish soaps...everything! I pretty much decided that only a few products in my home were safe to use. :( I started thinking about how many other people were using the same products who had no idea the bad ingredients they were consuming. 

And my quest to use only natural products began. I've always been a healthy eater; I absolutely love coming up with new recipes. I thought, I'm really creative when I want to be. Why not come up with a product line that solves many of the problems people suffer with (e.g., eczema, dry skin, discoloration, etc.) and only make the products with pure, raw, organic, natural ingredients that people can pronounce? After extensive research, late nights working on my website and making products, reading a million business-related articles and books, getting on my friends' nerves by changing the name of my company a million times (lol!), and product testing, Mallory Made Essentials was born! 

I hope to pass my company down to my future children and teach them to live a holistic lifestyle. After all, I believe that the best cures to conditions are found in nature. My parents and grandparents instilled knowledge to me that in the "old days", my ancestors were medicine men and women, and could rummage the forest for specific herbs to treat illnesses. My mission is to provide all-natural, organic products that enhance your skin's natural radiance. I hope you enjoy the products, and I hope that using products that are good for your health and spirit becomes an essential part of your healthcare routine. From my heart to yours...

Tiffany Mallory, MPH

Owner, Mallory Made Essentials, LLC

Tiffany Mallory is the owner and operator of Mallory Made Essentials, LLC. Tiffany is from Tuscaloosa, AL, but currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband Philip. She graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in communication from The University of Alabama, and she earned a Master of Public Health degree from American Public University. Tiffany enjoys cooking, writing, researching, DIY projects, decorating, hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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